An Open Letter


Welcome to my little home on the web. You’re probably here today because you saw an ad or you were checking out one of my social media profiles, and you’re interested in finding out who I am and what I do to make money online. So, let me tell you a little bit about myself.



My name is Mike Arcand. I’m a husband, father, entrepreneur, and I earn my living working from home, 100%. But it wasn’t always like that. I’ve had many jobs and occupations in my lifetime, from a tour in the US Army, to doing satellite TV installations, running an outbound call center, to working as a shipping/receiving manager in a plastics factory.


As you can probably guess, I’ve made good money in some of those positions. But no matter where you work, no matter what you do, there is always someone who is your boss, and you never truly have any freedom of time. Lunches, vacations, even bathroom breaks are usually scheduled for you. Who wants to work like that? Not me!


So, what would you say if I told you that you that there is a better way? While I won’t guarantee that you can do what I’ve done, I do believe that each person has an unprecedented opportunity to earn real money online like never before. I believe that everyone reading this letter (yes, that means YOU!) could potentially replace your income or generate a new income stream by learning a new skillset. It might seem like a pipe dream, but it’s true. 



How I Escaped The Rat Race and Bought Back My Time


My journey to freedom really began with my stint in the US Army when I was 19. The Army helped me become more disciplined and learn how you can achieve almost anything if you set your mind to it. Because of the leadership skills I learned there, I was able to lead a small radio rig team.


After my enlistment was up, I floundered for a bit until I found a job in telemarketing. On the surface, it didn’t seem very promising. But this is where I got the foundation for sales and marketing techniques that would serve me well, right up to this very day. Once again, the exposure to a good role model in the business allowed me to move up the ranks until I was running my own call center as the manager.


It was after about five years that I moved on once again into a different industry. The plan was to become a headhunter (recruiter), but 9/11 killed that job and set me into a tailspin. With a new family to support (our first child had just been born!), I had to do something that was out of my comfort zone.


We moved in with my mother-in-law for a few months while we got back on our feet. That meant getting a job in a plastics factory. With hard work and discipline, I was able to move up again, until I was the shipping/receiving manager. Unfortunately, the boss was a complete jerk (hey, there had to be one in here somewhere, right?)!


At this point, I began to realize that perhaps I wasn’t cut out for a regular J-O-B. My track record was about 4-5 years and then I seemed to crave a bigger challenge – something different. Ultimately, what I really wanted was more control over my time. That’s when the light bulb went off in my head. I had to do something different with my life.


I had been involved with network marketing and the big A (A is for Amway) back in the late 90s. Early on after my son was born, I tried to get into internet marketing. Websites were easy to build, but money seemed hard to get as every service was free (think the early 2000s). In 2004 I even took a break from the plastics factory and tried to sell insurance. While I was a very good telemarketer, when it came to face-to-face sales, I sucked.



Time To Take The Plunge


Finally, in 2007, I cashed in my 401k and what little savings I had, and I took the plunge. I quit my job at the plastics factory and began my freelance writing business. Over 14 years later and I’ve never looked back. My business has evolved over the years, from content writing for the web, to SEO services, to web development. The bottom line, however, remains the same.


I no longer have to ask someone when I can go on break. I don’t have a set schedule. I work from the comfort of my own home (or wherever there is WiFi!). I can schedule a vacation whenever I want. I am finally “the boss.”


But this isn’t the same path you have to take. I know not everyone can write well or learn website development. However, there is an opportunity that in unprecedented that I do believe anyone can take advantage of and make some extra or perhaps even full time income. In fact, I’m working to replace my website development income and build a nest egg toward early retirement!

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Don’t build someone else’s financial future … build your own!




To YOUR Success,




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